The Linden

Hot Water, Cold Water, Gas, Electricals, Communication, Broadband, Intercom and more…

Hot and Cold water pipes joined together ready for pressure testing. Once testing is completed, a device called a 'Tempering Valve' allows Cold water into the Hot Water pipes to ensure that the hot water cannot burn anyone.

It is not very often you get to see inside the walls of a building. By the time you move into your Linden Apartment, the walls are up and freshly painted, but behind the scenes is an absolute maze of cables, pipework, fibre optics and more.

Here you can clearly see the Hot Water, Cold Water and gas neatly installed and heading into the apartments from the services riser. And snaked in between all of this is the fire systems cables, broadband network conduit, building intercom cables and some electrical.

Advances in technology have allowed for faster install, safer and improved products. Like the water pipes. No longer are you required to bend copper, put in complex joins that require a naked flame to join them. And don’t forget the cost of copper these days!

We are extremely happy with the quality these trades are displaying on site at The Linden Sutherland.